Weekly Mowing

$180 Monthly

Weekly mowing includes mowing trimming and blowing

Add on fertilization and weed control for $35/Month

*Pricing based on standard lot


Spring/Fall Cleanup

Starting at $50/man hour

Includes raking and removal of all branches and organic material


Bi-Weekly Mowing

$100 Monthly

Two cuts monthly includes mowing trimming. 

Add on Weed and Feed for $35/Month

*Pricing based on standard lot

Grass Lawn

Single Lawn Mow


Single lawn mow service.

Included mowing trimming and blowing.


Power Raking and Aeration $170

Full Lawn Power raking Aeration.

Discounts available if booked with lawn mowing contract.

Removing Weeds

Feed and Weed $280

Book season long weed control and fertilization for the greenest lawn. Includes 3 treatments of fertilizer and one weed spray.