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Residential Lawn Care

Top quality service at a fair price

Power Raking and Aeration 

Help your lawn breath and new grass grow for a chemical free greener lawn.

Starting at $180

Spring Cleanups

Get the rest of the leaves from the fall and save yourself the dust.

Starting at $200

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Let the pros manage your lawn with professional applications

Starting at $275

Spring Services
Summer Services


Bi-weekly Mowing

Have our team maintain your grass in a budget friendly manner.

Starting at $70 per cut

Hedge Trimming

Let us maintain your hedges and shrubs with our high quality equipment.

Starting at $100


Weekly Mowing

 We use only top quality commerical equipment with sharp blades for a great result.

Starting at $50 per cut

Mulch and Rock Installation

Take control of your weeds and add colour to your yard with our mulch installtions. Perfect for around trees and shrubs or anywhere to prevent weeds. We also install rock and other materials.

Starting at $175


Weekly Mowing +

Have our team mange all aspects of your lawn. Add on fertilzer and weed control for only $10 per cut.

Starting at $60 per cut


Add much needed nutrients and back to your distressed lawn for incredible results by topdressing with compost. 

Starting at $200

Fall Cleanup

Save hours raking and hauling to the compost depot with our fall cleanup.

Starting at $200

Fall Seeding and Fertilzer

Did you know fall is a great time to reseed. Have the best lawn on the block come spring with this service.

Starting at $150


Raked up your leaves or trimmed your branches let our team haul it to the compost for you.

Starting at $100

Fall Services
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